2017-03-28 20:00:00 +0000

Considering that my last blog post was in October, I figured I was due for another update. My life has been rather hectic lately, so I’m barely finding the time to write, let alone keep up with this blog.

That said, a number of announcements:

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2016-10-25 22:00:00 +0000

The last book I released was Majesty, and things have been rather quiet since my last status update. To tell you the truth, most of the information in that last update is still current.

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2016-10-19 15:00:00 +0000

My first blog post since August, and it’s not going to be a long one. I’ve pretty much abandoned my earlier blog schedule, though the reasons for my lack of posts are somewhat varied, but I had some time to spare and really wanted to write down some thoughts I’ve been having for a few days. Mind you, these ideas are based off things I’ve read on KBoards, and I’m ashamed to admit that I can’t credit the people who’ve had this idea before me, other than that they’re far more active on that forum than I am, and far more successful at selling books. If I ever find the specific posts again, I’ll post links here.

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2016-08-22 11:00:00 +0000

One of the greatest Science Fiction series of my teenage years was Babylon 5, which aired during the second half of the 90s. I spent quite a bit of my free time watching Science Fiction in those days, though I was somewhat limited by both homework and parents who didn’t want me to spend all my free time watching TV (not a bad thing).

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2016-08-02 21:00:00 +0000

Yes, I’m still here, it’s just been a little hard keeping up with my regular blog schedule, as I explained earlier. Here’s a small update on the state of things:

  1. I’ve gotten feedback on Incursion from two of my three alpha readers. Once all this feedback is processed, I’ll be sending it out for editing
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