Hunter's Chosen Released

Hengelo, The Netherlands30 July, 2013 Fantasy author Jeroen Steenbeeke has just announced the release of his third novel Hunter's Chosen. Hunter's Chosen is the sequel to The Raven's Endgame, and the final part in the Hunter in the Dark trilogy. It is currently available through Amazon's Kindle store and Kobo, and will soon be distributed to other ebook sellers.

For the past twenty years, the Veiled Ones have been trying to prevent a creature of pure darkness from escaping into their world. With their numbers dwindling, they are forced to travel north to the Seven Villages. Here, they find Lenye, and by taking her friend hostage, compel her to come with them.

With their mother Naima incapacitated, the only one left to go after her is her twin brother Ben. But Ben is blind in daylight, and his only allies are a historian, a street girl, and his aging grandfather Brenor.

But for every step that Ben comes closer to finding his sister, the creature comes closer to escaping.

Jeroen Steenbeeke (1983) is a fantasy writer from the Netherlands, and has been creating fantasy stories since the early nineties. Despite several attempts to write novels since then, it wasn't until 2011 that he released his first novel Gift of the Destroyer.

During the day, Jeroen works as a Software Engineer, creating web applications for schools. In addition to writing he often spends his free time reading, walking, playing DDR, enjoying Scotch, playing video games and working on his Warhammer 40K army and D&D miniatures.

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