The Raven's Endgame released

Hengelo, The Netherlands20 September, 2012 Fantasy author Jeroen Steenbeeke has announced the release of his second novel The Raven's Endgame, the sequel to Gift of the Destroyer. It is currently available through Amazon's Kindle store and Lulu, and will soon be distributed to other e-book stores.

Three decades have passed since Lianna's journey to the north, and the Revenant has never existed. Childbirths are rapidly increasing worldwide, and despite tensions between the various nations, the world seems to have returned to normal.

But those with the Gift of the Seer know differently. From the Northlands to Ktharia, they dream of a vast wall of flame consuming all in sight, leveling mountains and evaporating oceans. In the midst of all this, a young girl wakes up in an alley in Chaedin. She does not know her origins. She does not know her name. But she has the same dream, and she knows that she is the only one who can stop it from happening.

Jeroen Steenbeeke (1983) is a fantasy writer from the Netherlands, and has been creating fantasy stories since the early nineties. Despite several attempts to write novels since then, it wasn't until 2011 that he released his first novel Gift of the Destroyer.

During the day, Jeroen works as a Software Engineer, creating web applications for schools. In addition to writing he often spends his free time reading, walking, playing DDR, video games and working on his Warhammer 40K army and D&D miniatures.

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