Gift of the Destroyer released

Hengelo, The Netherlands4 November, 2011 First-time fantasy author Jeroen Steenbeeke has just announced the release of his debut novel Gift of the Destroyer. It is currently available through Amazon's Kindle store and Smashwords, and will soon be distributed to other ebook sellers.

Nothing could stand against the Revenant's armies. Entire nations fell as crops withered and people starved. The world's most powerful warriors could not defeat him, even with the aid of the most powerful sorceress to have ever lived.

Thirty years earlier, the scarred warrior Brenor arrives at Lianna's farm. He holds the key to defeating the Revenant before he becomes a threat, but to do so, he needs to cross the Forbidden Lands. And for that, he needs Lianna's help.

Together, they are the only ones capable of preventing the future Brenor has already lived through. But to face the dangers of the Forbidden Lands, and the man who is hunting them both, Lianna must master the Gift of the Destroyer.

Jeroen Steenbeeke (1983) is a fantasy writer from the Netherlands, and has been creating fantasy stories since the early nineties. Despite several attempts to write novels since then, it wasn't until 2011 that he released his first novel Gift of the Destroyer.

During the day, Jeroen works as a Software Engineer, creating web applications for schools. In addition to writing he often spends his free time reading, walking, playing DDR, video games and working on his Warhammer 40K army and D&D miniatures.

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