The past decade in review

1 January 2020 13:55

For the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of people post summaries of their achievements in the past decade. It can be quite daunting to read these. Ten years is a long period, and when seeing so many people boast of their many achievements it is easy to feel insignificant, until you remember that many people only post the positive stuff on social media.

So when I started thinking about my own achievements in the past decade, I figured the list wouldn’t be all that impressive. But it doesn’t have to be impressive. I am happy where I am right now. And then when I actually wrote the list, I was surprised in a positive manner.

Highlight of the past decade

  • Got a place of my own. In 2009 I was still living with my parents
  • Switched from working full time (40 hours a week) to part time (32 hours a week)
  • Quit my first day job, grew to hate my second day job, and returned to my first day job. I’m still there
  • Self-published three novels, six novellas and a short dream diary
  • Bought a house
  • Wrote 40% of my next novel
  • Became a dad

Plans for 2020

The coming year I hope to be able to finish my work in progress novel, which has The Legacist as a working title. It’s a blend of urban and high fantasy, and takes place in the same universe as Gift of the Destroyer, The Raven’s Endgame and Hunter’s Chosen. The main challenge in publishing this novel (aside from finding the time to complete writing it) is finding a new editor, as my previous editor is longer active in this field.

Assuming I succeed in this, my next project is the seventh installment in the Unbound series, which has Compulsion as a working title.

There are more books I still want to write, but those are not on the horizon at this time.