The rocky road to Incursion

17 January 2018 10:00

By the time this gets published, my mailing list will have been hit with the announcement that Incursion is available for preorder. I’ve made a small mention of this on Twitter a while ago, and I actually intended the mailing list to be notified shortly after, but I didn’t get around to it until now.

I love being a dad, it’s wonderful, but the consequence a lot of people underestimate is just how much free time you lose when you become a parent. Add to that the excessive number of hobbies I have, and juggling between all the things I want to do becomes even harder, which means things I could have finished ages ago are still on my TODO list.

Incursion will launch almost two years after Majesty, and it’s the biggest Unbound book yet (which, considering their small size, still makes it only a quarter of the size of Gift of the Destroyer). But the road to getting this one ready has been the rockiest yet (even worse than Gift of the Destroyer, and there I had the excuse of not knowing what the hell I was doing).

Due to my limited free time, tasks that I would normally complete in a few days now took me months. The key problem being finding a moment where:

  • I had some time to spare
  • I had nothing pressing to preoccupy me
  • I wasn’t too tired
  • I was motivated enough

Further complicating matters were the fact that my editor was also dealing with offspring-induced lack of time/energy, so the whole back and forth that we would normally finish in a manner of weeks took almost a year.

I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t impacted my writing schedule. It used to be a lot easier to get some writing done, because I could write during my commute by train (at my current job, I commute by bike, not an activity that can be combined with writing). I am still working on a new book (which takes place in the Hunter in the Dark universe), which at the time of writing has 15K words written and should be about the size of Gift of the Destroyer when finished.

But it will take some time before it’s done.