Life update

28 March 2017 20:00

Considering that my last blog post was in October, I figured I was due for another update. My life has been rather hectic lately, so I’m barely finding the time to write, let alone keep up with this blog.

That said, a number of announcements:

At the editor for a second pass, ETA unknown.

Currently on hold. Still requires an immense amount of fleshing out characters and history and I could not hold off writing to fix this, which brings me to:

A novel I came up with a few weeks ago, that ties into Hunter’s Chosen but does not take place on the same world. It’s meant as a bridge between the Hunter series and the bigger epic fantasy project I want to work on. Should end up to be similar in size to a Hunter book.

Let’s see how to launch for Incursion goes, and then we’ll talk about finishing the Unbound series.