Addendum to yesterday's post about my next writing project

1 June 2016 14:00

As I announced yesterday, my next writing project will be an epic fantasy book, the earliest ideas of which date back to 2013, when I was still writing Hunter’s Chosen. As I mentioned, I’m currently also in the process of revising Incursion, the 6th Unbound book, which will probably be released first (though I just sent it to the alpha readers and might take a while before I consider it ready for publication).

I also mentioned that the 7th Unbound book will be written after the epic fantasy book.

I am, however, having some doubts on whether or not the effort I’m putting into the Unbound series is justified. I haven’t really gotten a lot of reviews for any of those books, and those that I have are generally less than positive. Sales have not exactly been stellar either, though the last few days did see an increase in sales, probably the result of a recent surge in Repulsion downloads leading to sales of the rest of the series.

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll proceed in this regard, but unless I get a bunch more positive reviews for those books, I really can’t justify continuing to pour money and time into it. I’m nowhere near earning back the money I’ve already spent on that series, and while there do seem to be a few people that are enthusiastic about the series, I’m not seeing their reviews in places where they matter, namely Amazon product pages.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: do you want more Unbound books? Do you want me to continue the story? Then leave a positive review where it matters.