A decision has been made

31 May 2016 20:50

Last week I asked you, my esteemed readers, what my next writing project should be. Despite the lack of replies to said post, I did receive a number of responses, which varied from your next project should be fixing your website (thanks for helping out in that regard Mark), to messages of support that amounted to write whatever gets you most excited.

Well, that one’s easy. I’m most excited about the epic fantasy project (I’ve come up with a dozen new ideas since my previous post), so that will be my next project. After that, I’ll probably pick up Unbound #7, and beyond that it’s impossible to predict where I’ll go next. The post-apocalyptic novella might still be written, but I doubt I’ll get to it anytime soon.

In the meantime, while I finish outlining this project, I have another ongoing project to finish, namely Incursion. I’ll be doing some final checkups tomorrow, and then it’s off to my alpha readers. It’s too early to tell anything about release dates, but I’m fairly confident I’ll get it to you this year.

In other, totally unrelated news, I’ve become addicted to the following song by Brunuhville: