My next project

24 May 2016 12:00

Last week I finished the first stage of editing for the 6th installment in the Unbound series. The editing phase of this book has taken a bit longer than usual, but I’ll be sending it to my alpha readers sometime this week. This means I’ll now have time to start working on my next project, which is…

I don’t know yet!

I don’t know yet!

I basically have 3 projects that I want to work on, each of which represents a different amount of time required. Most of the stories have existed in my head for some time, but the enthusiasm I have for these projects varies.

The plot for this installment is mostly done, it already has a title, it just misses an actual outline. It’s basically the shortest of the three projects, but it’s also the one I’m least likely to work on right away, since I’ve spent the last two years doing nothing but writing Unbound books, and as of yet their sales aren’t exactly stellar. In fact, for the past month, the Hunter in the Dark books (specifically, Raven’s Endgame and Hunter’s Chosen) have outsold them despite Repulsion having ten times as many downloads as Gift of the Destroyer.

One key tip to staying productive is to alternate projects, so it’s probably best that I do something else for a while before revisiting this series.

It’s a well known fact that I have pretty weird dreams. In fact, I’ve tried to monetize them, but not all of my dreams have the same amount of weirdness, and contrary to what I sometimes say on Twitter, most of them don’t involve Kevin Sorbo.

In fact, the dream I had in this instance was coherent and perfectly usable as plot for a Young Adult post-apocalyptic story. I’ve had this story at the top of my writing TODO list for a while, but recently I’ve found my enthusiasm for this story waning. There are some tough parts I haven’t figured out yet, and forcing myself to write this story won’t solve them, so I might need to give this idea some more time to gestate.

Considering the fact that my longer Epic Fantasy books sell quite a bit better than my other books, it might be the time to return to this genre. These books take quite a while to write, but the idea for this one has been in my mind since I was writing The Raven’s Endgame, and contrary to the previous idea, I’ve worked out all the story issues with this book, have a detailed background for it, and all I need is an outline.

This is not a Hunter in the Dark book. I’ve pretty much run out of ideas for that particular world, but there might be some ties to it in this novel regardless.

At the moment, this is the idea I’m most enthusiastic about, but it’s also the largest project.

Alternating projects to avoid burnout is a good idea, and after six Unbound books I should probably spend some time writing something else. So Unbound #7 will probably remain on my TODO list for some time. At the moment, I’m most enthusiastic about the new Epic Fantasy project, and it’s probably the one that will be the easiest to find an audience for.

What do you think I should write first?