Movie casting decisions

26 April 2016 16:00

While browsing IMDB a while ago, I noticed something pretty cool:,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

Apparently they’re making a movie out of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. This could of course go many ways. There are eight books now (I’ve read the initial seven), and it’s a pretty awesome tale.

The first thing I checked, of course, was if they’d made any casting decisions. SPOILER ALERT!

My first thought was Hey that’s awesome!. I think Mr. Elba is a great actor, and can no doubt do an excellent job in this role. The second thought was: funny, wasn’t the gunslinger a white guy in the books?, closely followed by does it matter? Nope! Also: Idris Elba!. I’m not even sure if the color of Roland’s skin was ever mentioned in the books, and I consider it of no consequence to the story.

First thought: Excellent choice!. The man in black is an alter ego of Randall Flagg, a character that appears in other Stephen King works as well (such as The Stand, Eyes of the Dragon and allegedly, Hearts in Atlantis), and I can easily see Mr. McConaughey the right levels of creepiness for this antagonist. Also, and this may just be me, but Matthew McConaughey shares some visual similarities with Jamey Sheridan, at least with his younger version, when he portrayed Randall Flagg in the 1994 adaptation of The Stand. See for yourself.

Can’t have The Dark Tower without Jake. I’m not familiar with Tom Taylor, so there’s not much I can tell about this choice. It’s not his first role though. The picture on IMDB makes him appear a bit young though. Might be an old one?

Great actor, but wasn’t Sayre a character from much later in the series?

Not a well-known actor I believe, but he’s in both [list=PLB600313D4723E21F]JourneyQuest]([#amp) and Cabin in the Woods so I’m well acquainted with him. But again, a character from much later in the series? What’s going on?

Not familiar with the actress, and no clue about the role she’s playing. If anybody knows, please share!

With only 6 characters announced, this list is nowhere near complete. For one thing, we’re still missing Eddie and Susannah/Odetta, and there’s a dozen other roles of varying importance that I’m curious about. It’s fair to say my interest in this movie is piqued, and I’m looking forward to the first trailer, which could be a while considering the movie is still in pre-production. IMDB mentions a release date early next year (February), but that remains to be seen.

Any thoughts on these casting decisions?