Abandoned project: the vampire novelette

22 April 2016 16:00

A while ago, I think it was between writing Benediction and Deliverance, I was working on a side project that involved vampires. I think it was due to disappointment with recent vampire fiction that I started this project, and the premise was something along the lines of what would happen if you combine a teenager’s first vacation without parents with a group of vampires?

Some of you might say that sounds pretty interesting, but there were a few issues with this story that made it unfit for publication, leading to the story’s abandonment. The first issue was the fact that I had a very low target word countsay half the size of an Unbound book, which is already quite smallmaking the book a novelette at best. This is longer than a short story, but leads to the amount of space being, well, really small. I was having trouble cramming all the things I wanted in the available space.

The second problem was the lack of an outline. I wanted to see what happened if I tried pantsing, and the results weren’t pretty. The primary problem was pacing, things were not progressing in a way I would consider naturally.

A third and somewhat embarrassing outline was that every single writing session for this book involved Scotch. This might have had some impact on the quality as well.

Finally, the story just wasn’t very good. I read the first bit after I was about a quarter of the way in, and aside from feeling some nostalgia for the first I went on vacation without parents (to Renesse), the whole thing struck me as a bad ripoff of The Lost Boys.


Would this book sell? I have no idea. Probably not, and I guess we’ll never know. I’d suggest people to save their money and get a copy of The Lost Boys instead. It’s a classic, has a 7.2 score on IMDB as of writing this, and it’s one of my favorite vampire movies.