Incursion and the road ahead

24 March 2016 21:00

Even though I neglected to make a blog post about it, my dedicated fans won’t have missed the release of Majesty earlier this month. I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but the Unbound series was envisioned as something I’d write at once, and release close together. It was meant as a side project before I continued writing Epic Fantasy.

Without posting too many spoilers, I will say that Majesty was originally meant to be the final part, closing up the story. But the story I originally had in mind evolved, expanding and growing in scope. Majesty is the end of an arc (which, in my mind, is called the Archangel cycle), but not the end of the series.

Yesterday evening, I finished the first draft for Incursion, the sixth Unbound book, and the start of a new arc. And being the overly enthusiastic guy that I am, I already have a cover:

Now that the first draft is finished, I will of course have to start doing revisions on this book. This process will start next week at the earliest, and in the mean time I’m working on an outline for my next project, a post-apocalyptic standalone novel.

Once the revisions are done, my alpha team gets to take a shot at the Incursion draft, after which I’ll make more revisions. Once this is done, the book is sent off for editing, after which my beta crew tries to find any spelling errors the editor missed (or, as is more often the case: errors I introduced while trying to fix sloppy sentences). Usually, during this last phase, the book is uploaded for pre-order, and once all the beta feedback is processed I can start working on print copies.

I’ve finally managed to get around to it, and print copies are now available from Lulu. Please check the book product pages for links. Eventually, they should be available through other channels as well, but getting the books ready for extended distribution requires some extra work in the print editions that I simply haven’t found the time for. I’ll keep you posted.