Writing projects status

25 October 2016 22:00

The last book I released was Majesty, and things have been rather quiet since my last status update. To tell you the truth, most of the information in that last update is still current.

I’m still waiting for my final alpha reader for Incursion, though I’ve given quite some thought on how to proceed with this series. As I said in my previous post, neither sales nor reviews for this series have been stellar, and I’m experimenting with Facebook ads to see if I can reach a more specific audience. Results so far have not been spectacular, but still somewhat encouraging.

In addition, I’d like to mention there should be 3 more books after Incursion. I have titles for all three of them (single words, just like the first six books), but I won’t reveal them until I get Pintado to finish the covers. Whether or not I’ll actually write them depends on whether or not sales on the first six books improve.

With regard to the new epic fantasy project, I’m still working on the background for the next novel, even though I’ve made quite some progress on that front. I have two of the three point of view characters fleshed out, and many of the main players in that story have materialized. With regard to history and general world information I’d estimate I’m about halfway done, though I could really use a visual aid (i.e. a map) to speed things up. If anybody knows a good tutorial for making maps with Gimp let me know, though I might decide to simply commission a map.

This project has me really excited though. The characters turned out much darker than I had originally envisioned them, and I think it has much to do with exposure to complex characters in television shows I’ve watched recently, such as Londo Mollari, G’Kar or even Uncle Iroh from Avatar.

I’m not exactly sure how many books this series will have (at least two and probably more, but I have no idea how many yet), but should turn out quite a bit larger than the Hunter in the Dark books. As with the Unbound series, I’m not revealing the titles (I already have them for the first two books) until I have a cover, though I don’t have a cover artist for this series yet. I’m not sure if Mike Gauss still does covers (and if he does, if he has any time in his schedule).