Re-reading report: The Iron Druid

18 August 2015 12:00

Another installment of my ongoing efforts to re-read a whole bunch of books I’ve read earlier. Last week, I finished my re-read of The Iron Druid, an Urban Fantasy series by Kevin Hearne, which chronicles the adventures of the world’s last Druid.

Ever since I got my Kindle, it’s not uncommon for me to learn about new books through their recommendation system. The same holds true for the Iron Druid, and it’s been a good suggestion, but I’m rather hesitant to fully put my faith in recommendation engines altogether (partially due to research done by a Master student I coached a few years ago).

Anyway, back to the Iron Druid. I didn’t actually read all the stories yet, just the main 7 books, and the novella Two Ravens and One Crow. I’ve read Grimoire of the Lamb before, but haven’t re-read it, and there are still a bunch of other stories I might find interesting, including the Prelude to War story that takes place after Shattered and before the upcoming 8th novel Staked.

As usual, I’ll post a bunch of random thoughts as they occurred to me while reading:

  • Still love the tea puns. Immortali-Tea? Brilliant
  • I love Oberon’s simple take on things, but I’m kind of baffled by the fact that he watches TV. I thought dog eyes were incapable of registering TV? Or did Atticus bind his eyes to the TV with Druid magic?
  • Witches are overpowered
  • I don’t think I entirely agree with Atticus’ choice of alcoholic drinks. Tullamore Dew isn’t exactly my favorite Irish Whiskey, and the because if you’re doing a shot with Jesus, you don’t buy him scotch. statement only means that Atticus doesn’t know much about scotch (which, I can say from experience, is incredibly diverse)
  • That said: drinking shots with Jesus! Brilliant
  • Hope we haven’t seen the last of Coyote. I love that guy. Though with the focus shifting to Europe in the later books this is going to be trickier
  • I liked the added perspectives of Granuaile and Owen, though the context switches are a bit tricky considering the books are written in first person. Also, additional perspectives in first person stories make me paranoid, mostly because of how Allegiant ended.
  • Up until Shattered, I thought Hel was a much scarier villain than Loki, now I’m not so sure

The Iron Druid often gets compared to the Dresden Files (both favorably and unfavorably), which is only logical since they’re the same genre. Having re-read both recently, I can honestly say that while there are similarities, the Iron Druid is definitely it’s own thing. For one thing, the Iron Druid is somewhat lighter in tone, and Atticus and Harry Dresden are really not that similar (for one thing, Atticus is at least twenty centuries older than Harry).

That said, I would definitely recommend reading these books. Also, if you’re on Twitter, follow Kevin Hearne.