Still alive and still writing

24 July 2015 17:00

A few weeks ago I added a page view counter to my various blog posts, so I could see which of them were getting the most views. I figured my more recent posts would be the ones getting all the traffic, but apparently that’s not entirely the case (though my post about the Healers of Meligna is in 2nd place). There seems to be quite some interest for topics I wrote years ago:

  • A report from 2011 about my first visit to the Elf Fantasy Fair back in 2011
  • A post from early 2014 that lists my current projects (that I update on a regular basis and refer back to often)
  • A post from 2012 about how I managed to fall off my bike and bruise my arm, wrist and right hand to the point of being unable to write for a while

Now, seeing as I’m not seeing these pages show up in my Google Analytics report, there’s a decent chance that these were search bots visiting these pages, but just on the off chance that there are people out there wondering if I’m still writing:


In fact, I’ll be releasing five novellas by the end of the year (November and December by my most recent estimate), though the cover and title reveal will have to wait for a bit longer (the mailing list will be first). The first book was just sent to my editor, and the rest will follow in the next few weeks.

Side note I’m also getting a metric fuckton of 404s lately, a lot of them coming from Google’s search bot but asking for non-existent random URLs. Apparently somebody thinks my site is compromised and part of their pagerank link spam network?