Switching to MailChimp

30 June 2015 17:00

A small service announcement for those of you who are subscribed to my mailing list. I will soon be migrating the mailing list that is currently part of this site (and powered by Mandrill) to MailChimp. This has the advantage of offering me a ton of features I would otherwise have to code myself (mostly in the reporting department), while sacrificing none of the flexibility I have now.

If you’re already subscribed, your mailing address will be automatically migrated to the new system.

One of the main reasons I had for coding my own solution was the ability to leave out a postal address, which, I thought, was not required by local laws. I have since learned that the EU Telecommunications directive (and the resulting Dutch law) does indeed require a postal address, so I’ll have to include it anyway. I am rather hesitant to put in my home address, but now that I have a PO Box this is no longer an issue.