Re-reading report: The Demon Cycle

16 February 2015 10:25

Last Wednesday I finished my re-read of Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series. I decided to reread this series due to the upcoming release of the fourth book: the Skull Throne, and because I have a tendency to forget crucial story details when continuing series I read a while ago.

Turns out that was an excellent idea.

Here are a number of observations. There might be some spoilers.

  • Turns out I had forgotten almost everything about Arlen’s time in Miln
  • The scene involving Leesha and those bandits is still one of the hardest ones to read in the entire series
  • Wow, all this stuff with the two Mind Demons was in Desert Spear? I thought that happened in The Daylight War
  • Speaking of which, what exactly did happen in the Daylight War?
  • (re: Daylight War) Did I actually read this book? Oh wait, yes, this looks familiar. How the hell did I forget all this?
  • Oh right, the cliffjumper ending - that’s why I was pissed when I finished it last time

So yeah, I’m really glad I took the time to read this again. Good thing the Skull Throne will be coming out soon. Next up on my re-reading list: The Dresden Files.