28 April 2014 20:24

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t written a single blog post since late March. After a considerable number of posts in January and February, my posting frenzy lost momentum sometime in March, and I quit posting altogether in April. In addition to this, my Twitter activity dropped to an absolute minimum, so I’m guessing some people might be wondering what on Earth is happening with me.

I’m still very much alive!

As I wrote back in Febuary, I have a considerable number of hobbies. As such, the explanation for why things have been quiet is rather easy: I was busy doing other things. I’ve spent the time that is normally reserved for writing-related stuff on three things:

The Mod Pack took a lot of my free time back in March (making it) and early April (providing bugfixes), whereas the Index Card tool took a lot of my time for the past few weeks.

I originally started building the Index Card application as a way to get to know EmberJS, but quickly gave up trying to use that, as I found it incredibly frustrating to work with. After that I made an attempt to build it in plain HTML5 and JavaScript (or rather: TypeScript), but got slowed down by storage details, and spent two weeks not making much progress. Finally, realizing that I have a PostgreSQL database right on the laptop I use to write, I realized I could just as well use Wicket to make it. It only took me half an hour to surpass any progress I had made in a day of working with EmberJS, and only two more hours to surpass everything I had made in plain Javascript. After about a day of work, I had a complete Index Card application for book outlining (using a combination of Wicket and JQuery UI), complete with project file export.

Now that this is finally done, I can once again focus on writing. I’ve already started outlining book 7 with the new tool, so I can probably start writing later this week (fun fact: the cover for the book is already done).

I also expect I’ll have more time for my blog.