Neglected hobbies

11 February 2014 11:56

I often joke that I have too many hobbies. It’s true, really, and the most obvious solution would be to drop a few and focus on the others. Sounds good in theory, but you decide which hobby you’re going to drop, when you love them all equally. Part of the problem is a decrease in free time as a result of wanting to lose weight - I spend a lot more time playing Dance Dance Revolution to burn extra calories (and it’s working, I’ve lost over 9kg since I started). Additionally, there have been a lot of extra writing-related "stuff that needs to be done" kind of jobs, most of which are now completed.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time doing extra writing. The fact that I have four books out and six more planned makes writing a very busy hobby indeed. A lot of people have writing as a full time job, and if it weren’t for my daily commute by train, these books would take a whole lot longer, and I might have given up a long time ago.

Before my current writing binge, I spent a lot of free time doing video games. I have a giant list of games in my Steam account that I have yet to play, not counting the "played but not yet finished" list. One of these days I’ll have to do those as well. Additionally, I’m part of a multiplayer gaming community known as The Tysan Clan, so I’m expected to make my appearance there as well, at least every now and then (which reduces time for other games).

But my most neglected hobby is Warhammer 40K, a hobby which for many people takes up pretty much all the free time they have. I must admit I’ve only played a single game since the release of 6th Edition in 2012, and with my favorite hobby story dropping all Games Workshop products, I haven’t been spending much time on this. This one pretty much outclasses all other hobbies when it comes to financial investments (though writing comes close), so it’s not a hobby I’m eager to get rid of. But lately there have been a number of "obstacles" that meant I couldn’t work on the hobby without spending an entire weekend on it (the short version: a rather ambitious conversion that required custom resin casts of a difficult component - I’ve now decided to not do this conversion and just assemble the models normally). I intend to do something about this neglect, as working with miniatures is very relaxing for me. Getting back into playing games might take a bit longer, with my regular store no longer a possible venue, I need to travel a bit farther to play a game.

Will this impact my writing? Probably not, but it will definitely be good for me.