New website is live!

14 November 2014 16:00

Remember when I mentioned wanting to build my own website back in March? Back then, my Wordpress-based site had been hit with a malware infection (due to a vulnerability in my contact form plugin), and I was concerned that my exotic combination of plugins was impossible to keep secure.

Fortunately, I am a Computer Scientist, so building a new site is definitely part of my skillset.

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re already on the new site! It can take a bit for all the DNS references to update world-wide, so gradually all traffic to my old site should be diverted here.

Cool new features

  • Massive speed increase
  • SSL
  • Social media integration: no need to create accounts. Just use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or
  • Improved mailing list features
  • Improved contact methods
  • Better book spotlight pages
  • Tons of other stuff that make my life easier

Of course, while I’ve thoroughly tested most features, there are undoubtedly things I’ve missed. If you run into anything that doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, don’t hesitate to contact me.