A note on current projects

22 January 2014 11:03

I often refer to books by number on Twitter, and yesterday I realized this might be a bit confusing for people. This post is meant to clarify the numbering on stuff I’m working on. I’ll update this post as I continue writing new stuff. Basically, the books are numbered in the order in which I finished (or intend to finish) writing them.

  1. Gift of the Destroyer (Published)
  2. The Raven’s Endgame (Published)
  3. Hunter’s Chosen (Published)
  4. The Troll Warriors of Sheepbane (Published)
  5. Urban Fantasy novella, first in series (Fourth / Editor draft)
  6. Urban Fantasy novella, second in series (Fourth / Editor draft)
  7. Urban Fantasy novella, third in series (Fourth / Editor draft)
  8. Urban Fantasy novella, fourth in series (Fourth / Editor draft)
  9. Urban Fantasy novella, fifth in series (Fourth / Editor draft)
  10. Epic Fantasy novel, first in series (Conceptual)

My books generally go through the following stages:

  • Idea - Not yet an actual story, but has the potential to become on
  • Conceptual - Some backstory and plot realized, at least some of it on paper
  • Outlined - Has a completed story sequence, can start writing whenever I feel like it
  • Writing - Currently in the process of writing it
  • First draft - All chapters written
  • Second / Alpha reading draft - Story checked, descriptions polished, book gets sent to alpha readers
  • Third draft - Feedback from Alpha readers processed
  • Fourth / Editor draft - Book re-read, polished, checked with automated tool, ready to send to editor
  • Fifth / Beta reading draft - Editor’s feedback processed, ready to send to beta readers
  • Final version - Beta reader feedback processed, cover ready
  • Published - Front matter added, ebooks formatted, uploaded to one or more vendor