The anthem

14 January 2014 07:54

From the various posts on this blog, you know that listening to music is an essential part of my writing. I’ve posted a number of songs over the years, and the songs I listen to vary from book to book. I know that many other writers do this as well, while others require complete silence.

But something I’ve been wondering about for some time, is if other writers have one song they listen to above all others, one song that is always part of their playlist, that they can always count on to help them concentrate.

In other words, do other writers have a writing Anthem? Because I do:

I discovered this song while listening to Digitally Imported radio (not sure whether it was the Epic Trance or Vocal Trance channel) in 2012, and it has been a boon to my concentration for all books I have worked on since the release of The Raven’s Endgame.

There are multiple remixes of this song to be found, though I generally prefer this version, with the original mix a close second (it is the ringtone on my cell phone).

What is your writing anthem?