Vanishing act

26 September 2013 08:39

I’m sure that many of you will have noticed a distinct lack of blog posts in the past few weeks. In addition to not writing on this blog I also haven’t done much work on books either. I have been watching movies for story structure analysis, and doing so has solidified the stories I’m going to write next, but I haven’t reached the point of being able to start writing yet.

The reason for this vanishing act is surprisingly simple: I moved to a new house last weekend, and spent the past few weeks getting ready for the move.

Now that the move is complete, I expect to have more time for writing. I expect I need another 3 weeks of preparation before I can start my next writing project, which will keep me occupied for the next 8 months at least. I’m not yet ready to divulge too many details about this project yet, except that it’s Urban fantasy set in the region I live in. As a consequence, I need to do a lot more research on locations and such.

In the mean time, I also need to finish up Troll Warriors. The current draft only needs a little more polish before I can send it off to an editor. If anybody has good suggestions for copy-editors for short works let me know either in the comments or through the contact form.

As for this blog, I’m still a bit torn on what sort of posts I should be putting online here. I simply don’t have enough stuff to tell about my writing projects to limit it to status updates, and I’ve found Twitter to be a much better medium for this. I could focus more on posting thoughts on books I’ve read, but on average I take 1-2 weeks to finish a book, and my opinion can usually be summarized in a number of lines anyway. I usually wait until I’ve finished a number of books before posting my thoughts (like I did back in April), and I don’t intend to turn this into a book review blog. I think that John Scalzi’s blog is a good guideline on what makes a good author’s blog. He shares stuff about his books, sure, but he posts dozens of other interesting tidbits as well, ranging from politics, current events to pictures of sunsets. I’m not going to copy his style; but there’s plenty of hobby stuff I could share that might be interesting to read. I often say that I have too many hobbies, so why not share some of it?