My books now available on

12 July 2013 12:28

A few weeks ago a lotof people notified me that was opening a self-publishing branch: Brave New Books. At first I was somewhat skeptical about this new venue (since I have an exclusive deal with Amazon for e-books), but when I figured out they also offered print books, I decided to check them out.

There were a few issues with their terms of service, but after a short chat with their legal department we managed to clear those up, and I uploaded Gift of the Destroyer and The Raven’s Endgame, and ordered proof prints. Considering my past experience with Lulu, you’d expect me to get this right in one go, but alas, the LaTeX tweaks I used for Lulu don’t seem to work so well for non-standard paper sizes, and my first two proof prints ended up with really small text: After some research, the problem turned out to be the conversion to PDF, not the LaTeX source itself. A short update of my buildscripts later, and I had new PDFs which did get converted into proper novels. To make a long story short: if Lulu has been giving you trouble and you still want a print copy, order it now at

  1. Gift of the Destroyer
  2. The Raven’s Endgame