Musical Inspiration: Armada Music

29 April 2013 21:57

Those of you who have been following my Musical Inspiration posts know I have turned into a bit of an Emma Hewitt fanboy over the past few months. I can’t help it, many of her songs help inspire me while writing.

However, while I love roughly 70% of the songs she performs in, my tastes are not Emma Hewitt-exclusive.

Music plays a huge role in shaping the stories I write, and more often than not, I find that music released by Armada Music (the production company co-created by my countryman Armin van Buuren) to be prominent among the songs I listen to (and yes, Emma Hewitt is also signed to Armada Music):

As such, here are a number of songs published by Armada Music that I listen to while writing.

And yes, one of them is performed by Emma Hewitt. Sorry :-P