Writing Plans after Hunter's Chosen

23 April 2013 11:02

A while ago I explained my editing plan for Hunter’s Chosen, which involves multiple re-reads and editing passes. I am still at step 1 of this process (backward re-read done, forward re-read at 16%), but I’m confident that I’ll finish both this step and step 2 (automatic checker) within reasonable time, which means the book will be sent to alpha readers soon. I have no idea how long they will take to review the book. They might be done in a week, but it might also be a month before I get any feedback. Either way, I’m guessing Hunter’s Chosen will be released in July.

That said, once Hunter’s Chosen is out, this will mean the Hunter in the Dark trilogy is complete, and I can start writing something else. I already have a number of ideas in this regard:

The Troll Warriors of SheepbaneI’ve had a cover for this project for ages, thanks to Kindleboards member and fellow writer Nathalie Hamidi. This book is essentially a short anthology of bizarre dreams I’ve had over the years - an autobiographical journey into madness, so to say. https://www.jeroensteenbeeke.nl/images/97be4123d9d552e31eff423c4e56346725cd248afb16daf5f8f722b077b30b45.jpg The biggest problem with this anthology is to actually write it. Explaining my dreams is actually quite a bit harder than writing a scene in a fantasy book. And then what?Once Troll Warriors is complete, I will start writing my next fantasy series. Which is exactly the problem: I have two ideas I’d really like to work on, but they are radically different.

  1. Epic Fantasy series - An idea that has been dancing around in my head since I was writing The Raven’s Endgame. Contrary to the Hunter series, this series would strictly adhere to Sanderson’s First Law. The novels in this series would be longer in length (150K words on average), and there would be more installments (5 to 7). This series would probably take me several years to complete, with at least a year between each book.
  2. Young Adult Urban Fantasy series - A very recent idea, though based on similar ideas I had in the past. This would essentially be a series of novella’s, about five books in total. Due to the short length I should be able to wrap up the entire series in 12 to 15 months, with only a few months between each part.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Idea #1 means the time between releases is much longer, but idea #2 means I have to pay for book covers far more frequently. Also, I have no idea where to go with #1 beyond the first book, whereas I already have a well-fleshed out arc for idea #2.

Decision?I won’t actually need to decide until both Hunter’s Chosen and Troll Warriors are finished. While probably slightly more expensive in the short term, I think I’ll go with idea #2 first, and let idea #1 remain dormant for just a while longer (giving it time to "gather strength").