Chasing after my writing schedule

6 March 2013 14:14

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

A while ago I declared that I would be following a strict writing schedule until the first draft of book 3 was finished. I’ve been following this schedule for 6 weeks now. Of these six weeks, I’ve finished in time twice. Each time I didn’t, I did "remedial writing" the weekend after my deadline, making sure I could start with a clean slate the next week. In one particular case, this meant staying up until past midnight.

So, why am I consistently running behind?

I can’t really identify a single cause, I’m afraid. The first time I didn’t make it, I worked from home for one day (which means I didn’t get to write during my commute). The second time I got slowed down due to a large number of sentences that needed to be translated to a constructed language, and for the past two weeks the causes were viral in nature (a common cold can wreak havoc with your concentration, trust me)!

That said, it’s rather hard to blame the schedule in this instance. For those of you who’ve seen me abandon a writing schedule before: I am not going to abandon this schedule, and I’m not going to rearrange it. Doing remedial writing really isn’t so bad.

What I am going to do, is make writing schedules more flexible in the future. The current word goal (roughly 1350 words a day) is doable under ideal circumstances, so all I need to do in future writing schedules is take less than ideal circumstances into account. What I’m considering is assuming 1.5 days of downtime for every 10 days I normally write, and incorporate that in my word goals.

So, for the current novel, I’m keeping the current schedule and doing remedial writing to catch up (only 3 weeks to go for the first draft!). For the next, I’ll keep my schedule a bit more flexible.