Considering making Gift of the Destroyer free

8 October 2013 15:27

Last weekend I ran another free promo for Gift of the Destroyer. After 3 very successful promotional days (over 2000 downloads) I decided to spend my additional two KDP Select days, leading to an additional 500 downloads. Throughout the weekend, I managed to stay in the top 5 free of the Epic Fantasy category on Amazon.

In the month preceding this promo, I sold exactly 1 copy of Gift of the Destroyer, and that one sale was refunded when I ran the free promo (which I think was a smart move by the reader). The Raven’s Endgame and Hunter’s Chosen were doing somewhat better at 2 and 4 sales respectively, but since those are sequels, sales depend largely on those who have already read Gift of the Destroyer. This became quite obvious after my first big promo, when sales for The Raven’s Endgame soared (this was before I released Hunter’s Chosen), hitting double digits for the first time since I started writing.

So, this got me thinking. The main reason Gift of the Destroyer isn’t selling appears to be lack of visibility, and offering it for free seems to be an effective remedy. But the KDP Select program only allows you to offer it for free for 5 days out of every 90, making any gains from your free promo only temporary. Outside of KDP Select, Amazon does not allow you to price your book lower than 99 cents. But there is another way: by offering your book for a lower price at another retailer, Amazon will often match the lower price, even if it’s free. This does not always work, but many authors say that this is a good way to increase sales on your other books.

My KDP Select enrollment ends the 27th of October. Should I make Gift of the Destroyer permanently free after that?