Dungeons and Dragons

31 October 2013 10:36

I got my first copy of the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook in 2006, and I’ve been playing the game ever since. For the past seven years, I have run two different groups as a Dungeon Master across three campaigns, the last of which was completed about 3 months ago. It’s a game I really like, even if the rules can get a bit overwhelming at times.

I’ve never really been anything other than a Dungeon Master in all this time (with the exception of 1 or 2 games I played with different groups), and after spending such a long time preparing for games and arranging everything, I kinda wanted to see what it was like "on the other side", and take a less crucial role in the party. One of the other guys in my party agreed to take over as Dungeon Master, so when our new campaign begins this November, I’ll be joining the party as a Paladin.

Why a Paladin? Two reasons: the first is that most other members of the party wanted to play casters (A Bard, a Wizard and some sort of Warlock person), so they were rather short on people with both melee capabilities and healing. A Paladin offers decent support on both fronts. The second is that I find Paladins to be challenging role-play wise.� The people I play with tend to go for Chaotic alignments because they find it less limiting. Clearly, they are not aware of Sanderson’s Second Law; limits define characters in many ways. Balancing Lawful and Good can be quite challenging, such as in a city where the law states that Elves should be shot on sight, and you find a starving Elf child. Now, the campaign we’re playing is mostly a dungeon crawl, so I doubt there is that much room for in-depth roleplaying, but having a character that is prone to moral dilemmas will definitely increase the opportunities.

So why are you sharing this?I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging about my character’s progress in our DD campaign. On the one hand, it would force me to invest time in fleshing out the character, possibly enhancing our DD sessions. On the other hand, it would add a regular series of posts to this site.

So, my question to you: would you be interested in such a series?