New year, new chances

1 January 2013 18:14

Let me start by saying: a happy new year to all of you!

The last few weeks have been extraordinarily busy for me. So busy in fact that I’ve barely found the time to work on the final book in the Hunter in the Dark trilogy, and so I’m still stuck just below 30% completion on the first draft. The reasons for this are varied and mostly due to changes in my personal life (good changes, but changes that take quite a bit of time and energy), but I won’t bore you with those.

The most important non-personal reason for my lack of progress is that I had hit a bit of a snag with regard to the story flow of the current work in progress book. I had a similar problem with The Raven’s Endgame, where I threw out 30.000 words of work and started over. Simply put: the pacing was all wrong, and the story was starting to feel unnatural.

However, in this case, it was much easier to fix, even if it took me a few weeks in all. I have rewritten about 10% of all I’ve written so far, and as a result the story flows much better, and I’ve made some progress in writing since then. But the holidays did throw my writing schedule into disarray.

But now that 2013 has arrived, I intend to start with fresh determination. The goal is to finish the final book before summer, and I believe I can do it.