Recurring dream

31 July 2012 07:46

As those of you who follow my @JeroenFM twitter stream know, I have very strange dreams sometimes. I even post them on this blog sometimes. Most of my dreams range from strange to bizarre. Most of those dreams are isolated. Last night, I had a relatively normal dream. But unlike most dreams, this was a recurring dream.

The dream was pretty straightforward: I had finished my Master thesis at the University of Twente, but the University would not give me my diploma because I still had to finish a single course, for which I had failed to go to the required exam. So I had to wait a full year to finish this course, being forced to work part-time while I attended classes.

The funny thing is: I already have my diploma. I graduated 4 years ago. There is some truth to this dream however:

  • When I started working on my Master thesis, I still hadn’t passed the Graph Theory course. This caused a minor delay with my graduation track, and for a while I worried that if I didn’t pass the Graph Theory course, my thesis would be delayed. However, I passed Graph Theory with a 7 out of 10 score. Not an exceptional result, but a passing grade without a doubt (the minimum being 5.5).
  • The defense of my thesis was slightly unusual, mostly due to the date. Due to my eager planning I had already signed a contract with my current employer, so I was in a bit of a rush to have the thesis defense. The result: only 2 of the 3 members of my graduation committee were present. In addition, the head of the committee botched the signing of the diploma, which meant I didn’t actually get the diploma until two weeks later, as it had to be reprinted.

So in reality: I did have to pass one course before I could graduate, and I did get my diploma later than I was supposed to. Of course, it was nothing like the situation in my dream. The funny thing about this dream is that many people have it. A lot of people dream they’re still in school, and get in trouble with deadlines. Even XKCD covered it:

I’m sure that people good at explaining dreams can make sense of this. While you’re at it, please explain the following recurring dreams I also have:

  • Zombie apocalypse
  • Borg invasion

Maybe it’s just my overactive imagination.