New cover incoming

23 July 2012 07:56

A few days ago I mentioned that my sales weren’t going as well as I’d hoped, and that I was open to suggestions on how to fix this. I’ve asked a few people for honest advice, and one of my friends also responded in the comments section. After this, I also created a topic on the Kindleboards to ask for advice. Initially, I asked only for cover critique, but seeing as the people at the Kindleboards can’t help wanting to help out some more, they also gave me some additional advice:

  • While the current cover art is by no means bad, the text could have been done a lot better. In addition, to many people the cover does not say "Fantasy novel with elements of time travel" but "Horror story" or� in some cases "M.C. Escher"
  • The blurb could use improvement (so far: 5 in favor, 1 against)
  • The paragraph formatting in the ebook is off

Very useful advice if you ask me! The first thing I did was change to blurb, using a suggestion Luis Brunet gave me (an old friend who checks my books for consistency, story structure and writing style). I’ll probably revise it further. Second, I fixed a number of bugs in my LaTeX to Kindle converter, which caused the wonky paragraph formatting (though technically one wasn’t a bug, but an intentional screwup on my behalf).

Finally, I contacted Mike Gauss to create a new cover for Gift of the Destroyer. I was very impressed with the cover artwork he did for Dara England, not to mention his other work (which can be found on his blog). I’ve also asked him to create a cover for the second book. I’m not sure if he’ll accept the commission yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Getting new covers isn’t cheap, and so far, Gift of the Destroyer hasn’t come anywhere close to earning back the costs I already made. But if the cover is a primary factor in the book’s lack of sales then I’m willing to risk the additional costs. "Spend money to make money".