So how is this self-publishing adventure going so far?

Jeroen Steenbeeke  
People often ask me how my books are doing, and as much as I'd like to answer this question with "great", that would be lying. Sure, I've sold a few books, and I've received lots of positive feedback, but the truth is that Gift of the Destroyer doesn't get that many sales. The most success I've had was when I participated in KDP Select, where I got a few hundred free downloads and a few sales afterwards.

But you don't have to take my word for it, here are the numbers:

Ebook sales

November 2011: 5
December 2011: 0
January 2012: 3
February 2012: 4
March 2012: 2
April 2012: 2
May 2012: 1
June 2012: 0
July 2012: 0 so far

Total: 17 ebooks

Ebooks given away

Februari 2012: 231
March 2012: 152
April 2012: 21 (22 if you count Gareth)

Total: 405 ebooks

Physical sales
(Excluding gifts)
20 copies

So that brings us to a grand total of 448 copies, which sounds pretty good until you realize only 8% of those were paid for, and half of those have yet to be paid out due to payment thresholds. So to summarize how my self-publishing adventure is going so far, I'd say: nothing exciting happening yet.

A remark I have made on the Kindle Boards recently is: my book is available in 5 stores, and selling in none.

So, how do I fix this?

There are a number of possible explanations for my lack of sales. I've more or less ruled out "bad writing" due to the responses I've received so far, especially after the polishing job I did with Gareth's help. I think the most obvious problem is lack of exposure at this point. People simple don't know the book exists, and aren't buying it because of that. Exposure is something I can work on (I intend to do a few giveaways in exchange for reviews), and I also believe that releasing more books can help in this regard (the second Hunter in the Dark book will likely be released in September).

In addition to this, I often wonder if the cover and book pitch are good enough to attract readers. I would like to hear your opinion on this.