Gift of the Destroyer, 2nd edition

2 May 2012 12:10

In my previous post I mentioned the unexpected e-mail by Gareth, and the consequence of having to work through 21 pages of suggested revisions. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally finished the suggested changes. I’ve already uploaded the revised versions to Lulu and Amazon.

What has changed? The story has not been changed. Most of the changes are formatting, spelling or grammar-related. Here and there a sentence was changed to avoid certain sentence structures I tend to overuse.

What does this mean for Kindle owners? The next time you sync your Kindle you should automatically receive the latest version.

What does this mean for other e-readers? When I started participating in KDP Select I had to give Amazon exclusive e-book rights for 90 days. These 90 days have expired, but I have opted not to use Smashwords again. Instead, I have published the ePub edition with Lulu, which should be sufficient for most modern e-readers. Eventually, this should also mean Gift of the Destroyer is uploaded to the iBookStore and the BN store. If your e-reader does not support the ePub format, I suggest using Calibre to convert it to your required format. Gift of the Destroyer is of course DRM-free.

So what if I had an older edition from Smashwords? Leave a comment (with e-mail address) below, I’ll contact you by e-mail. Most likely I’ll send you a replacement ePub file.

What if I have the print version? Unfortunately I won’t be replacing those with new versions, though if I ever become famous those first editions will be worth quite a sum to collectors (yes Jeroen, keep dreaming). But I’ll happily provide you with an updated ePub version. Leave a comment (with e-mail address) and I’ll contact you.