The unexpected e-mail

18 April 2012 20:08

I’m not quite sure where to begin this post, as my mind’s still racing because of the whole situation.� Here’s the thing: I am currently going through a 21 page document describing typos, grammatical glitches, and style issues with Gift of the Destroyer. This document was made by a man named Gareth, who contacted me on Twitter yesterday, asking if he could get my e-mail address for a question regarding my book.

I’ve never had any questions about my books from strangers, so I was extremely curious. I sent Gareth a direct message with my e-mail address, and patiently waited for him to e-mail me. To be honest I expected a question with regard to the book’s plot, or some other question with regard to how I write books.

My guesses were of course wrong. The gist of the e-mail was that Gareth was interested in Gift of the Destroyer, but he did not own a Kindle. Ordering a print copy from Lulu was not convenient either, so instead he offered a trade, which I can paraphrase as: he would fix the many typos and other errors in exchange for a free copy.

Wait, what?

At this point in the e-mail I think my heart skipped a beat. If there’s one thing I don’t want it’s to fall into the stereotype of "indie reader who publishes without editing", which is why I let dozens of people proofread the novel to check for errors. Many were of course found, but it seemed "the few that slipped by" were in fact "a lot that slipped by". So after I read Gareth’s offer my brain did this:

Having handed out hundreds of free copies as part of Amazon’s KDP select program, this really was a no-brainer. Getting a free proofread in exchange for a free copy? Hell yes!. So yesterday I took the latest edition of Gift of the Destroyer, created a fresh PDF version, and e-mailed it over, saying I accepted the offer. I expected at least a week would pass before Gareth got back to me. So you can probably imagine my surprise when he finished it in a day and sent me the aforementioned document earlier today.

I expect I’ll be releasing a new version of Gift of the Destroyer in a few days, with many fixes and a new thank you in the acknowledgements.