Another KDP Select update

15 March 2012 08:11

As I mentioned in the previous update I intended to let the Gift of the Destroyer free promo last a whole weekend instead of just a single day to see if it led to more downloads.When running just a single day, I "scored" the following number of downloads:

  • 1 download
  • 1 download
  • Total: 261 downloads

So I figured that if a single day got me that many downloads, a whole weekend might be an even greater hit. Unfortunately, I was wrong, last weekend yielded the following reults:

  • 1 download
  • Total: 152 downloads

Of course, I was slightly disappointed by the fact that a longer run yielded less downloads, but even so this still means 413 people found my book interesting. Also, each promo led to a short burst of actual sales, though the numbers are still somewhat embarrassing, especially if you consider I’ve managed to sell more paper books than e-books, and I have yet to turn a profit.

In any case, I’m running my next promo (the last of the free promo days) in the middle of the week rather than during the weekend. I’m not sure if it will make a difference but there’s no harm in trying.

In other news: I’ve received my first book review on 5 stars! Thanks Joe!