KDP Select update

27 February 2012 16:15

In my previous post I mentioned trying out KDP Select to see if it would improve the exposure of Gift of the Destroyer. So far I’ve offered the novel for free for one day, which has led to it being downloaded about 230 times by various people, and it surging to the top 30 of the Epic Fantasy category on Amazon. Not too shabby for a first try, but after the free period was up it dropped back down in no time flat.

I have had exactly 3 sales after the free period, so I have not managed to reach any sort of critical mass with regard to exposure, though it did have the benefit of creating a whole array of "readers of this book also bought" references. So, the first free day wasn’t much of a success, though hopefully I did gain a few more readers who might be interested in the sequels once I finish them (with my current rate of productivity it’s extremely likely I’ll make the November deadline for part 2).

In any case, I’ll be offering Gift of the Destroyer for free for a whole weekend next. Most downloads came later at night the last time, so if I keep the title available for free a few days more I’m hoping the downloads will grow a lot faster.

So, download Gift of the Destroyer next weekend!