Musical Inspiration: Emma Hewitt

12 November 2012 11:32

Regular readers of this blog will know that music often inspires me. I often listen to Vocal and Epic Trance, as many of the songs I’ve posted here before clearly indicate. A few days ago, I was browsing YouTube for� trance songs I hadn’t heard before, and by chance, I found Calm Down by Cosmic Gate, which featured Australian singer Emma Hewitt:

This song immediately drew my attention, and as is often the case with songs that draw my attention, I start looking for more work by the same artists. I’m quite familiar with Cosmic Gate’s earlier music (on average I like about 1 out of every 3 songs they make), but I hadn’t heard about their collaborations with Emma Hewitt before. I quickly found the song Be Your Sound, which I also enjoyed:

Two songs by the exact same artists that I immediately liked? That’s not exactly unheard of, but rather rare. In both instances, I liked the vocal parts better than the parts with the heavy beats, so, naturally, I went looking for more songs by Emma Hewitt with a focus on her vocals, which led me to her solo works. The first I found was her single Colours:

Easily one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in the last year, and perfect to listen to while writing. Right after that, I found "foolish boy":

So, as you can understand, I am currently scouring Youtube and listening to whatever else she’s singing. If I like this many songs by one artist, there have to be more.