Temporarily disabled

9 October 2012 13:30

I had originally planned to start writing the final Hunter in the Dark book this week. I have completed the global outline, and done about 25% of the detail outline, but I will not be starting the actual writing for a little while longer. This is not a delay I suffer willingly, but one caused by injury.

Like most of my countrymen, I often ride a bicycle. It is my transportation of choice for short distances. It is how I travel between my home and the train station. Riding a bicycle is something pretty much every Dutchman can do. Due to our dedicated cycling paths, accidents are quite rare.

Imagine how I felt when I managed to take a tumble off a ramp at the train station. What happened was this: the bicycle storage at my local train station has an upper floor, which is connected to the street by a ramp. This ramp isn’t very steep, and pretty much everyone simply cycles up and down the ramp. I am no exception, but steering can get a bit tricky: there are multiple people who apparently think the ramp is good place to park your bicycle. As a result, each side of the ramp has a few dozen bicycles narrowing the path.

Wednesday the 26th of September, when I was leaving the train station, I had to evade another cyclist going up the ramp. Normally, this isn’t a problem, except my steering wheel hit one of the parked bikes, causing me to steer hard to the left, causing me to take a sudden turn mid-ramp. After this, I bumped into the other side of the ramp, and lost my balance, landing on my arm. The result wasn’t pretty:


For those wondering,� that bruise is about the size of my hand. Naturally, I went to see a doctor, and it turns out that my arm was bruised pretty badly, but my bones are not broken for as far as he could determine. My arm is healing nicely, but currently the biggest sources of discomfort are my hand and wrist, which are not healing as fast as I’d like.

As such, I won’t be doing much writing until I start feeling better.