Lucky number 27

31 October 2012 09:35

Today is Halloween, which is a holiday that is not (officially) celebrated in the Netherlands. Most of my exposure to Halloween has been through American TV shows and movies, as well as the occasional Halloween theme on websites. In essence, Halloween is supposed to be scary (or about scary things), though with the whole trick or treating I think that for most kids it’s more about candy than it is about being scared.

For me, both as an adult and as a Dutchman, I don’t find the 31st of October to be scary. For me, the number 27 is far more significant. Those of you who have read my novels might have noticed the number 27 pops up in various places (minor spoiler alert). Gift of the Destroyer has 27 chapters. Brenor and Sarina travel back 27 years, and the number is also significant in the climax of The Raven’s Endgame.

So why the obsession with 27? Well for one thing, it is quite an interesting number. It is 3 to the power of 3. It was my age when I made most of the revisions to Gift of the Destroyer, but frankly, it’s not a number that was given a lot of thought. It’s just a number I like.

But for some reason, this number is starting to haunt me. A while ago I was interviewed by Michelle Muckley. This interview was posted on the 27th of September. On the 27th of October, I had an unexpected surge in book sales. On the 27th of November, I will be hosting a guest post by Tracy Falbe, and on the 27th of December I will be Book of the Day on eBooks Habit.

As you can see, the number 27 is popping up everywhere. Perhaps I am more likely to notice due to my preference, but it is somewhat scary.