Writing resolutions 2012

5 January 2012 09:16

As I wrote last year: I love making new year’s resolution. They tend to follow the same trend every year (which only goes to show that they’re a mixed success on most occasions), so this year I also intend to make a few writing resolutions. The funny thing is, the things I want to do this year aren’t that much different from the ones I did last year. Of those I did last year, I succeeded on one account: finish Gift of the Destroyer. The other two were failures. The first was "write 5000 words a week unless outlining", which only works if your outline is solid, which mine wasn’t. The second was "finish a 2nd and possibly third novel", which I both failed at due to aformentioned shobby outline.

So this year, I have some new resolutions:

  • Write at least two chapters a week. I am currently working on the sequel to Gift of the Destroyer, and the outline specifies 32 chapters. If I manage to keep this up I’ll have the first draft done somewhere around May, and a proofreading draft around June. Assuming I can start final revisions in September, this means I’ll have the sequel done around the time I released Gift of the Destroyer this year.
  • Outline book 3. The story of Gift of the Destroyer is self-contained, but part of a greater story that is essentially a trilogy. I intend to write the third book in 2013, and if I want to get a good start I need to have a good outline like I have for book 2.
  • Promote Gift of the Destroyer. While I’ve sold some copies, my novel remains obscure. Some promotion will go a long way

I will start living up to these resolutions in earnest starting next week (yes, I am already cheating).