KDP Select experiment

31 January 2012 11:05

Seeing as my e-book sales have been somewhat disappointing since releasing Gift of the Destroyer last November, I’ve been looking at a number of ways to get more exposure for my book. I’ve submitted my book to several review sites, but most of those seem to be swamped with requests. Those that actually responded to my submissions were polite refusals, stating that the premise sounded interesting but they simply had no time. I’m sure that other authors will sympathize, and non-indie authors will note the parallel with submissions to literary agents (with which I have no experience).

I’ve also tried discount campaigns through Twitter (for the Smashwords edition), but apparently people aren’t that eager to retweet a 50% discount, which resulted in a whopping 2 sales.

I have a number of other options remaining (such as the Daily Kindle Bargains), but my co-worker Martijn Dashorst (one of the authors of the technical book Wicket in Action), pointed out an article by David Kazzie who managed to get from obscurity to the top of the rankings in his category through the free promotion option. While I was somewhat skeptical of KDP Select mainly because of the exclusivity clause, the exposure given by temporarily making your book available for free could be a good thing. Seeing as I wasn’t selling much anyway, it was pretty much a no-brainer to disable Smashwords for the time being and enroll in KDP Select. In the process, I replaced the e-book cover with the paperback cover, because it’s a lot nicer and makes Marijn’s artwork more prominent.