It's done

2 September 2011 12:11

I feel rather strange right now. As of this morning, I have officially completed editing on Revenant Rising. So, basically, the book is done, and I can start working on getting it "out there". I still need to do a number of things though:

  • Convert the LaTeX source files to formats accepted by Kindle and Smashwords
  • Finish the e-reader compatible map I’m working on in Inkscape (the world map I posted earlier is not exactly suitable)
  • Properly format the cover (adding my name and the book’s title to Marijn’s cover art)
  • Get my W8-BEN forms out
  • Upload the book and start promoting it

But these are just formalities right now. The biggest hurdle, actually finishing the book and polishing it to publishable state, has already been taken.

As I said, I feel really strange. I’ve been living towards this moment for so long it seems unreal.