Repurposing this blog

18 July 2011 16:30

Ok, I admit, my spellchecker is throwing a fit over the title of this post, but as a fantasy writer I reserve the right to invent new words. A little creativity never hurts right?

As I’m sure some people have noticed, I haven’t been writing many blog posts lately. Some might even wonder why this is so, seeing as I often tend to have something about my writing experience to share. There are of course several reasons for this.

First of all, I have been writing less often lately, mostly due to catching up on George R.R. Martin’s books. I finished reading the first 4 novels three weeks ago, did some writing work in between, and started reading again when A Dance with Dragons was released (just over 60% now). The effort required to boot my Kindle is considerably less than the effort required to boot my netbook, so this is not helping.

Second of all, I am having trouble thinking of writing-related topics to blog about. I can offer some advice on writing (mostly gained through experience), as well as elaborate on stuff I read on other writing-related blogs, but this isn’t really my strength nor my preference.

Third, and most importantly: I feel I’m going about this blogging thing all wrong. I started this website after reading lots of mention of writers having to "build a platform" to attract readers. Ask yourself this, am I attracting readers by writing about how to write? Most readers don’t care unless they’re writers themselves (a really small subset). I know a number of people who do really well by blogging about their writing process, such as Lydia Sharp. On the other hand, most established writers who are active bloggers write about anything they feel like (for instance: John Scalzi, whose aptly named blog Whatever illustrates this). This may include writing, but usually it doesn’t. And then there’s the real fanatics such as self-styled self-publishing guru Joe Konrath, but he’s a category all by himself.

So, I already have a blog in place, but I’m not satisfied with it just being about writing, so I’m giving it a new purpose: I’m going to write about whatever I feel like whether it’s about writing or not, provided it doesn’t fit in a tweet or two. I’ll still post writing updates when I feel like it, but that will no longer be the primary purpose of this blog.

Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I’ll be replacing my current layout with a new one as soon as I find or make one suitable. I’m no longer satisfied with this one.

So, how do you guys feel about these changes?