A quarter of a novel

18 February 2011 09:02

My writing resolutions dictate I have to write 5000 words each week unless I’m outlining a new book. I have managed to surpass this goal for 4 weeks in a row now, as you can see by the progress bars on the right side, despite some serious obstacles such as a bruised rib and a severely strained shoulder (which still hurts like crazy despite the painkillers, and I generally have a high pain threshold).

From my perspective, I’ve barely started writing. Yet when I look at the word count, it’s at 21K words. That’s almost half a novel already, even though I’ve only finished the first act and written the start of the second one. Judging by the length of Revenant Rising (95K words, give or take a thousand), that’s over a fifth and almost a quarter done. At this rate I’ll have the first draft of the sequel done by June. Of course, this is assuming I can maintain my current speed.

Considering the fact that Revenant Rising took me well over a year to write, it seems that applying a little bit of discipline to my writing causes a massive increase in productivity. The only down side is the fact that I get less time for reading, which I often did during my daily commute.

Unless I get a burst of inspiration, I think I might take a 1 week break from writing, or at least temporarily lower my goal.