Title fail

6 November 2011 14:37

Last night, I uploaded my novel to the Kindle Store.

This morning, I noticed it was indicated as being "live". So I went to the Kindle store, and searched for the title of my book "Revenant Rising", and to my surprise, I found two books with that title (mine, and M.M. Mayle’s book, which was published two weeks ago).

Not good.

You see, a while ago I changed the title of my book from "Forbidden Lands" to "Revenant Rising" for exactly this reason: there already was a fantasy novel by the name "Forbidden Lands". Granted, M.M. Mayle’s book is not fantasy, but having two books with the same title is not going to make anyone happy.

But it gets worse. In addition to his book, there is also an interactive storybook for the iPad called "Revenant Rising".

To make a long story short: I need to get a new title for my book, modify the cover (should be possible tomorrow) and re-upload it. In other words: all versions of my novel are delayed until I sort this out.