Counting down

31 October 2011 07:55

As you know, I finished writing Revenant Rising a while ago, and I’ve been working on getting it "out there". In fact, most of the required steps have already been completed. I finished the World Map for inclusion in the book (thanks to a wonderful tutorial at the Cartographer’s Guild), the file format converter seems to be working nicely, and my W8-BEN forms were sent out a while ago, so all that remains is formatting the cover, which will be done by a coworker of mine.

While I can’t give any guarantees, I’m hoping I can get the e-book versions of Revenant Rising available next Sunday. The paperback version will probably take a bit longer, as I’ll first want to create a sample version first to see if the printing went well. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with regard to hardcovers. I’ll probably be making those into a limited autographed edition or something (feel free to make suggestions).