Oh right, Nanowrimo

13 October 2011 10:26

Almost a year ago I wrote about not participating in Nanowrimo, mostly because I didn’t figure out what it was until it was halfway finished. So, with Nanowrimo only 18 days away, and half the writers I follow on Twitter going crazy, I must admit the thought is crossing my mind again.

If all goes well, I’ll have Revenant Rising available just before it starts, so in theory I should be able to focus on Nanowrimo. I even have a story idea that should fit in about 50.000 words, and I could probably finish outlining it in time.

The thing is, I just finished outlining the sequel to Revenant Rising (you know, the one which I started on earlier but threw in the trash), and I’m really eager to write this. There’s no way I’m going to fit that story into 50K words, and I’m definitely not going to wait for November to arrive to start on this.

So I’m a bit torn about this. On the one hand Nanowrimo looks like fun to do (even though I’d have to double my writing pace to keep up). On the other hand, I feel the time isn’t quite right (I could even say the stars aren’t aligned properly). Another disruptive factor is the Minecraft server I just launched, which cuts into my available time.

So it looks like I’m going to postpone any potential Nanowrimo participation for another year.