10 October 2011 06:42

As you can plainly see from the lack of posts for the past month or so, I’ve been away for a bit. Normally, I’d make up some excuse such as having no time for writing, being preoccupied with reading or some other such nonsense, but this time I have a genuine excuse. I was on a trip to Canada.

Going to Canada has been an amazing experience. Coming from a country that is characterized mostly by being flat and 50% below sea level, Canada has a lot to offer in terms of geography. Adding to that, I’ve found the majority of Canadians to be very friendly and kind, a rather stark contrast to my Dutch countrymen, who can be quite self-centered and rude.

The trip I took was called the Rocky Roundup, and as the name suggests I’ve seen a lot of mountains during my trip. I visited a number of National Parks, including the well known Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. And I’ve seen more mountains than I can count (the closest thing I had ever seen to real mountains were the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, which barely qualify as hills in comparison to the Rocky Mountains), and countless rivers and lakes to boot, giving me ample inspiration to draw on with respect to writing fantasy novels.

In addition to seeing lots of splendid nature and more than one wild animal (no bears unfortunately), we also visited several historical sites, including an old fur trading post (Fort St. James)� and the Ksan First Nation village. While some among the group I travelled with were less impressed by this part of the trip, I found the exposure to both history and a culture so different from my own to be very inspiring.

Even though I have only been in Canada for a total of two weeks, I have enough inspiration to keep me going for months if not longer. And Canada truly is a wonderful country. If you don’t live there already, I definitely recommend visiting West Canada sometime. I hope to go back there some day and see it all again.